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We are confident that we can meet customer's requirements on the mold design with the skilled technique and advanced program. E-WHA serves as the most reliable choice of high quality mold design and development.

1. E-WHA uses 2D & 3D software to simulate product design,
    structure design,tooling design, and tool processing
    program design.

2. E-WHA offers professional recommendations, which make
    sure the smooth going for the production process.

3. E-WHA reviews the part design with engineers; every mold  is designed and made by individual specifications.

4. E-WHA offers the tool design 2D for buyer’s final approval prior to cutting steel.

5. E-WHA sets up a defined mold number after getting approval from buyer and starts the tool processing.


We are specialized in designing and development of Plastic Injection Molds & Components, Molding for Parts Processing, Flash Cards, Connectors, Micro Motors, Optoelectronics, Insert Molding, 3C products, Automobile, Mobile Phone Parts and Accessories. (The maximum of mold development reaches 30sets/ per month)

1. E-WHA adopts the famous brand of processing machine 
    GRIND (tolerance ±0.002mm), WIRE CUT
    (tolerance±0.002mm), EDM (tolerance ±0.005mm) or
    tooling construction and processing.

2. E-WHA is royal to customer’s expectations; emphasizes the
    importance of training education and develops
    comprehensive molding service. We continuously 
    promote technique ability and own the profession team to manage OEM/ODM project. E-WHA will be most suitable
    choice of Component & Mold processing development with highest quality.


Our advanced machines and precision equipment, such as GRIND, CNC, EDM, Wire-cut, Injection, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, 3-D Scanner, Linear Height, and various molding equipments guarantee the high precision and quality while saving the cost. We are confident that we can supply customers a series of high-quality services, ranging from mold production, product molding, to the delivery of finished products.

1. E-WHA is able to develop, design, and manufacture a
    wide variety of precise and complicated Plastic Ejection
   (The maximum of capacity stands at 7,800hrs/ per month) 

2. E-WHA reduces processing losses and shortens the
    processing time.

3. E-WHA uses the most famous brand of injection molding machines for  producing finished products. 

4. E-WHA inspects tooling dimensions during the construction process  by using varied instruments.
    (Inspection Station: IQC → IPQC → OQC)
    (GRR: 20%Below / CPK: 1.66 Upward/ Tolerance±0.005mm)



1. E-WHA provides weekly reports and digital photos are 
    sent by e-mail at least once per quarter. 

2. Molds are completely tested and bench inspections are
    also made to guarantee that all molds
    delivered-production ready. Once customer confirms
    that the mold meets the specification, the final mold trial
    is conducted in Taiwan.

3. The tool shipment includes steel certificate, final trail
    report, final tool check list, updated 2D/3D file saved
    in CD, and tool pictures.

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