Company Profile


Company Profile:
Founded in April 1988
Founder / GM:Jack Huang
ISO:9001 & IATF 16949 certificates
Capital:50 million
TEL:+ 886 - 2 - 8990 - 1777
FAX:+ 886 - 2 - 8990 - 1776

E-Wha has over 30 years of professional production experience for mold and injection parts. we are established in 1988, E-WHA has become increasingly successful in the manufacture of high precision plastic injection molds for 3C electronics products, auto parts, and motors. With 30 years of expertise, the company is able to provide customers with the latest technical equipment and ensure long-term product performance at the same time.
E-WHA now employs a total workforce of 60 staffs, occupying a building space of 4,000 square meters. The advanced facilities and technologies make E-WHA become a leading specialized mold maker in the line in Taiwan. E-WHA has already gained the ISO 9001 certification. Every processing step is conducted under strict quality control and monitoring procedures.

Company Milestone:
1988 Established E-WHA Enterprise Co., Ltd., and performed EDM for customers.
1993 Increased capital to purchase 670 square meters as a self-own plant.
1999 The surplus and shareholders increased capital to purchase the plant, and plant area increased up to 1,700 square meters and business transformed into the fabrication of entire molds and mold process.
2000 Recruited professional technicians to provide one-stop services from receiving orders, design, processing, and manufacturing and production trial all in-house to completed.
2001 The plant area has been increased to 2500 square meters.
2003 Conduct the ERP system to create new competitiveness of enterprises, adopt professional precision plastic processing, and Employee up to 50 peoples.
2010 The Injection factory was expanded and moved to No. 16, Wuquanwu Road, Wugu District, and purchased more precision machinery and equipment SUMITOMO injection machine was added 18 to 180 tons.
2011 Step into micron product development and measurement, improve the precision of self-processing of mold parts, purchase precision machinery and equipment NIKON high-precision automatic image measuring instrument, BROWN & SHARP high-efficiency three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, AGIE CHARMILLES wire cutting machine
2016 Conduct AGIE CHARMILLES five-axis CNC equipment to process molds and precision mold parts.


Business Item

Mold Design, Mold Components Fabrication, Injection Parts Production.

Design, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Injection OEM / ODM Parts

Design, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Injection OEM / ODM Parts




Rm.206, No.3-1, Wu-Chun 1st Rd., Wu Ku Industrial Dist., Hsin-Chuan Dist., New Taipei City 24892, Taiwan